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Control Costs

AdvantaStaff’s 5-Point Plan for Holding the Line on Costs

Computer Production Assembly Line

STEP 1 Low turnover reduces your training costs

We provide a robust benefits package to our employees and manage all aspects of the employee/employer relationship. This increases the tenure of our staffing employees; in fact, we have several employees who’ve been on the same assignment for many years. Long-term placement means less hassle and less training for you.

STEP 2 Offer resources and services that other staffing companies can’t

We focus our business on your business sector. No one can match our access to Safety, Engineering and Operations Management professionals with a long history in manufacturing. Period.

STEP 3 Provide access to Industrial Space to clients with over-flow needs

Perhaps it’s for a short-term need, or for the life of a specific project; we have options available for space. This helps alleviate the need for overtime and your key resources are not overwhelmed.

STEP 4 Develop a culture of safety awareness

Before we train workers on doing a job, we train them how to do a job safely. We continually enforce safety through observation, audits, performance reviews and incentives. This reduces injuries, absenteeism, and ultimately, your costs.

STEP 5 Provide On-Site Account Management

If needed and dependent upon staffing levels, we can help control your costs by alleviating burdensome tasks related to managing a contingent workforce so you can manage your core functions. We can perform new employee orientation, daily safety briefings and job assignments and assistance with time tracking.