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Key Metrics

AdvantaStaff’s Muscle: Metrics

Female workers

American business doesn’t believe in guessing;
we believe in proof.

Let’s face it – there are many staffing companies out there. But while the vast majority of our competitors measure their success by how many bodies they place in slots any given day, we’ve developed our business model on real-world metrics: Yours!


We track fill rates for our customers in order to help them manage their resources more efficiently. We monitor headcount on a daily basis. Last year, our annual headcount for our largest customer was 99.7% with an average monthly need of approximately 1,000 employees.


We have several large accounts with consistent response time of 48 hours for as many as 100 employees.


Our incident rate is consistently below .75, well under the industry average for temporary manufacturing services.

Our customers have the assurance that we train and monitor our employees for compliance on all safety rules and regulations. This means we help keep your costs down, and our rates low.