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A Focus on Training Reduces Turnover, Boosts Productivity

We train employees for Day One and beyond, so you don’t have to…

Think about your focus for the next few months. It’s probably on maintaining production levels as you recover from COVID-related employee absences and maneuver (expected and unexpected) workload fluctuations. Whether you’re bringing on 15 employees or need just one to cover gaps and meet production goals, how are you making sure they’re right for the job and ready to get started Day 1?

Will you rely on your current team? How many people will it take? Can you take them away from their daily activities to do this?

There’s no need to shuffle your employees around to manage orientation and introductory training for new staff onboarding.  As AdvantaStaff employees, we’re responsible for preparing them for success in your environment. This preparation starts with our thorough interview process, where we assess hard and soft skills, understand strengths and learn about gaps. Our model includes orientation and training that goes beyond general warehouse, production and manufacturing safety protocols, eliminating skill gaps and getting employees to the level you need them.

First Day Training

Once placed on an assignment, our employees receive our unique First Day Training. This is one of the places we shine and where we structure training to help avoid as many surprises as possible (see our checklist below to learn some of what we cover), boost job commitment, decrease turnover, increase productivity and better control costs.

Specialized training

Depending on the role they’re moving into, a more general First Day Training may suffice, or your employees may need more involved training. Perhaps you have a manufacturing process or diversity training they need to complete before they can be on-site. Or maybe you’re bringing on employees whose first language isn’t English? We’ll work with you to learn exactly what they need to know and partner to develop the right training, which we’ll deliver.

Our trainers are experienced in warehouse, manufacturing and production environments. Their expertise goes far beyond what they’ve read, having gained some of their knowledge hands-on. Using a skilled-based assessment and our own industrial space to mimic the environment they’ll be working in, we can provide clients with highly qualified, well-trained forklift operators, material handlers, packers and production workers, as well as employees qualified for administrative staffing positions.

Need a larger scale training?

Size doesn’t really matter when it comes to training. We can ready as many people as you need, as quickly as you need them. Larger organizations often partner with us to train groups of employees. These sessions tend to be specialized and they often go beyond what’s normally delivered in First Day Training.

Our New Employee Orientation & Training Checklist

The AdvantaStaff orientation and training checklist puts “on paper” what these employees need before they start working. Just like our trainings, we customize the Checklist to include details relevant to a specific employer and position. Here are some of the items the employees going to your organization might find on your Checklist:

  • Introduction to AdvantaStaff
  • Presentation of AdvantaStaff benefits plan information, discussion and preliminary enrollment
  • General safety rules and regulations awareness
  • Covid-19 guidelines and procedures
  • Introduction to your company, including a review of common terminology, components and overall responsibilities
  • Discussion of your industry, culture, products, etc.
  • An understanding of your specific safety protocols which may differ by warehouse and/or production floor location
  • Review of job description, dress code, timekeeping, shifts and schedules, and security
  • Site/facility overview with added information as needed, like breakroom facilities
  • Your policies, including timekeeping procedures

Right now, we’re training a special group of individuals

With our contacts in the local community, we’re always learning of organizations downsizing and people looking for work. Recently, we’ve been interviewing individuals downsized from retail and restaurant positions as a result of COVID. This is a terrific group with strong interpersonal skills. We’re offering them the opportunity to explore transitioning – even temporarily – to jobs in manufacturing, warehousing, production and light office support.

By the way, we take those sorts of extra steps with all our employees, not just those changing careers. Sometimes that means getting them to, and through, your front door. This may include meeting them at your facility on their first morning, helping them through security and introducing them to their supervisor. Even during COVID, we’re continuing this handoff, just with the appropriate precautions, including masking and proper social distancing.

Contact us to decrease your current stress levels. We’ll help you get the staff to meet your needs and ensure that employees are ready to go when they walk onto your production floor.