Make a great first impression at your new job

The old cliché, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” really applies in a work environment. That first day can set the tone for how you’re seen throughout an assignment. Every job you take differs in some way from those that came before it, even if you think it’ll be the same. So, whether this is your first AdvantaStaff assignment or your fifteenth, there are a few things to do and remember, that can put you, and keep you, on the path to success.

The Day Before

Read the company and assignment information from your AdvantaStaff account manager, even if you’ve already read it. Be clear on what’s expected of you on the job and especially on that first day, including requirements, clothing, supervisors, schedules, etc.

Save yourself some time in the morning by pulling together your clothes the day before. This includes any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) you’ve been asked to bring, like steel-toed safety shoes. This is also a good time to think about food; if you’ve been told you’ll eat lunch in the building, or if you’re unclear whether or not you can leave the facility for lunch or a break, pack food.

One of the most important things? Make sure you know the address and have directions and an idea of how long it’ll take to get there.

That First Morning

Grab the food you packed and your picture ID as you head out the door. Without an ID, you won’t be able to get into the facility. Since traffic might be bad, or public transportation could run late, leave enough extra time to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. If you drive, some companies have designated employee parking, so park there, if your account manager didn’t indicate you should park elsewhere. If you’ve driven and brought personal things, lock them in the car (or leave them at home so you don’t have to worry about them).

Head for the entrance your account manager directed you to and tell the security staff you’re a new AdvantaStaff employee. There’s a good chance your account manager will meet you that morning, to get you through security and introduce you to your supervisor. If he or she isn’t there, ask for the person you were told to report to.

Site Orientation & First Day Training

As an AdvantaStaff employee, you’ll have already completed an orientation that familiarized you with AdvantaStaff policies and procedures, COVID-19 guidelines, general safety information, etc. The company may have you go through a more involved orientation and/or a specialized first day training. Those sessions will cover things that are specific to their organization and the work you’ll be doing. Remember the name of your supervisor, so you’ll know who to ask for when you’ve finished these sessions.

Site Orientation

Regardless of the structure of the orientation, whether it’s a group training in a classroom or one-on-one session on the production floor, pay attention and ask for clarification where you need it. Focus on the safety information and rules; know the locations of the fire exits, restrooms, breakroom facilities and employee walkways. This orientation is also good time to ask about things like time tracking, schedules and processes for breaks and lunch.

First Day Job Training

You’ll most likely participate in hands-on training to understand exactly what you’ll be doing. Be an active participant, performing the tasks the trainer tells you to. Make sure you’re wearing the necessary PPE, like face masks, safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, gloves, etc. and stay in your work area unless you’re told otherwise.

This is another time to pay close attention to the trainer and ask questions, especially when he or she discusses things like safety and work specific to the line you’ll be working on or the building you’ll be in. This isn’t the time to sit quietly and hope you’ll figure it out. Though you’ll want to connect with your new co-workers, try to avoid excess conversation during the training.


The company is excited to have you and you want to show them they’ve made the right decision.

Overall, be prepared to perform the work you’ve been hired to do and flexible enough to handle any challenges that arise. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback on your assignment, contact your AdvantaStaff account manager.

If you’re just now reading about AdvantaStaff for the first time and are looking for solid job opportunities, or are an organization looking for people who can make a great impression on the first day and beyond, contact us.