Long-Standing Workforce Partnership Delivers Results

As the only North American facility producing current products for this international goods manufacturer, their Central Virginia operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the nature of what they manufacture, they follow strict FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Central Virginia

“Our relationship with AdvantaStaff has produced countless benefits over our more than 10 years together. They’ve consistently managed our fluctuating workforce needs with quality, trained employees and administrative services that allow us to focus on delivering a quality product.” – Chief Operations Officer

The Challenge

Over the past 30 years, full-time headcount for this client has fluctuated between 200 and more than 1,000. This is due primarily to the cyclical nature of their work. In addition to normal production and packaging, periodic promotion and specialty packaging runs are necessary as are packaging and sorting for products the company produces overseas.

The company maintains a base of full-time staff and brings on additional help as necessary. For years, their overarching issue remained sourcing reliable, available, trained staff. They cobbled together a temporary workforce through employee referrals and other staffing services. But, often found themselves dealing with management issues, unreliable employees, contentious relationships, high costs and lack of responsiveness.

They needed a real solution, one that would provide qualified employees, add structure to their staffing-related processes and better align demands and costs.

The Solution

For more than a decade, AdvantaStaff has been the company’s sole source for temporary and temp to full-time production and warehouse help. At times, we’ve had as many as 150 employees on-site, and we’ve placed close to 1,000 employees.

We’ve gained an intimate knowledge of their organization, including processes, job requirements, departments, shifts, supervisors, production schedules, and more. Coupling that detail with our comprehensive knowledge of the local labor force and our general manufacturing and human resource expertise, we developed a framework to consistently screen, hire and train employees. We’ve been able to provide them with a steady stream of employees with a range of qualifications.

Even as the company’s needs evolve due to factors including changing technologies and markets, we continue to source skilled employees for their routine production and packaging runs as well as any special projects. Those special projects have included new product launches; last-minute special promotional packaging projects; and projects to rework product runs instead of destroying them.


Working with the client, we developed a custom onboarding program, which includes customer and assignment orientation and safety training. Our trainers are experienced in warehouse, manufacturing and production environments, which means the client can focus on the more technical and specific cGMP training.

Administrative Services

We oversee all the human resources functions related to this staff. This means the company hasn’t had to expand their internal human resources team to manage these extra employees.

To improve time-tracking and labor allocation, we’ve installed a computer in their lobby to enable our employees to clock in and out on our custom time-tracking system. This system allows the company to better meet their financial goals by more quickly aligning their labor costs to changing demands for a clearer picture of how much they’re spending on temporary labor.

Bottom-line Results

Our employees and our services continue to positively impact the client’s bottom line, as we help them bring quality products to market quickly. They trust us to find the right help, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

A partnership with AdvantaStaff provides consistency and reliability:

  • Better manage fluctuating workforce needs with skilled, trained employees
  • Add structure to staffing processes, to quickly meet routine hiring needs as well as hiring for special projects
  • Develop custom training programs that get employees up to speed quickly, on your organization as well as your manufacturing/production environment
  • Collaborate with experts who are experts in the local labor force, as well as in manufacturing and HR