Staffing to Meet Emergency Needs

This large packaged food manufacturer operates 24/7 and employs hundreds from the Richmond metro area.

Central Virginia

“AdvantaStaff knew exactly what to do. They got us the people we needed almost as soon as we asked, saving us from a significant loss of product and impact to our bottom line.”

The Challenge

The client learned that a significant amount of inventory packaged by an outside vendor might have been compromised. With expiration dates to be considered, time was of the essence to ensure inventory didn’t linger on pallets at the warehouse.

To avoid a large loss of product that translated to a substantial financial loss, every package on those pallets needed to be checked to ensure it was sealed properly. If the seal was intact, the product could be used. If not, it would need to be discarded. With the company’s regular staff dedicated to on-going production needs, they quickly realized they didn’t have the manpower to complete the review in the required time.

The Solution

Having worked with the client for years, AdvantaStaff has a good understanding of this product and the company’s normal production staffing requirements. We knew we could help. Twelve staff were needed right away. These individuals would have to check every package, sort products into “good” and “bad” and restack the separated products onto pallets to be delivered to the plant.

Our shared history also meant we knew the skills to look for as candidates were screened. We began by contacting another client whose project was experiencing a slowdown, and we reassigned several employees for this temporary need. The remaining employees were already on our hiring roster and were ready to start work. Within three days, the project was up and running with the necessary staff. Training was minimal and focused on providing an understanding of the client and their policies, including safety and quality control, and an overview of the specific requirements of the project.

The work was completed in an empty warehouse several miles from the client’s regular workspace. In addition to helping our client configure the space for optimal use, we implemented a remote timekeeping procedure and assigned one of our employees as a Lead. Having this lead employee allowed us to communicate through a single channel regarding project and employee needs.

With the structures in place, everyone got to work and, ultimately, the company only needed to dedicate one of their own full-time employees to the project. The group completed the review and sorting in just two and a half weeks.

This quick turnaround might have been out of the ordinary for some organizations, but it wasn’t a problem for AdvantaStaff. The communication channels we maintain with our clients enables us to adapt on their behalf with speed especially when there is a critical need for staffing. We also help in providing a constant picture of how work is progressing at each stage of the project even if multiple work locations are involved.

Bottom-line Results

Helping clients with unexpected and even last-minute projects is just as important as filling their larger, regular staffing needs. We have a dedicated process for finding employees when they’re crucial in situations like this one. Our speed and flexibility saved much of the client’s product and translated to approximately $100,000 in inventory savings.

A partnership with AdvantaStaff delivers employees exactly when they’re needed providing reliability and peace of mind.

  • Benefit from a single source for skilled, trained employees
  • Bring on employees quickly for emergency projects and last-minute needs
  • Control staffing costs to meet fluctuating demands