Maintaining Employee Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Our employees’ safety is at the core of everything we do. With more than 20 years in light industrial recruitment, the safety programs and structures we’ve developed help ensure the safety of our employees, while demonstrating to clients the role our employees play in the safety of their facility and the responsibility they (clients) have to maintain the same level of safety for our employees as they do for their own employees.

Three pillars hold up the AdvantaStaff safety philosophy:

  1. People are our most important resource.
  2. Every employee is entitled to a safe place in which to work.
  3. No job is so important as to not be done in a safe manner.

Our safety platform includes a combination of training, on-site assessments and regular safety reviews. Through extensive planning, execution and oversight, we keep our employees safe, while decreasing the risks and costs typically associated with accidents on a production or manufacturing floor. Safety is a central part of our culture and our longevity, and our commitment to maintaining a safe work environment shows.

Our current safety record is more than one million safe work hours without an OSHA recorded injury for a specific customer.

In recognition of June as Safety Awareness Month for the manufacturing industry, we wanted to share the main aspects of AdvantaStaff’s safety program.

Our Commitment to our Employees

We take steps to determine if work site conditions are safe, provide employees with site-specific safety information, and suggest ways they should protect themselves from potential job hazards. And we are committed to providing the training, education, accountability, rewards and recognition programs that help them better focus on safety as a job requirement.

There are several parts to the AdvantaStaff employee safety training. Our general orientation familiarizes them with overall AdvantaStaff policies and procedures, as well as general safety information that currently includes COVID-19 guidelines. The client-specific orientation we provide when employees start an assignment gives direction related to remaining safe during that assignment, like job description and the proper PPE to wear on the job site.

After beginning an assignment, employees are expected to actively participate in on-going AdvantaStaff-sponsored safety activities. These activities help reinforce how to avoid the top hazards manufacturing and production employees face, like slips and falls, machine guarding, powered industrial trucks, electrical and lockout/tagout. Our on-going safety practices include:

  • Regular safety meetings
  • Safety storytelling
  • Safety audits
  • How-to scenarios
  • Hands-on floor evaluations

Knowing we can’t be everywhere at all times, we ask also our employees to let us know if they see a safety situation they believe needs to be addressed. They do this by contacting their AdvantaStaff recruiter. We also contact employees after they’ve been on the job for a day or two, to see if they have any questions or concerns related to safety.

Our Commitment to our Clients

We’re transparent with clients – focused on maintaining communications and open to discussing our safety program – while providing documentation that ensures our employees comply with OSHA-related and site-specific safety standards, and sharing our policies related to addressing workplace safety. To help clients reduce their risk of on-site accidents, minimize potential losses, and better manage any accidents and claims that arise, we also do the following:

Complete On-site Observations and Safety Performance Reviews

We routinely audit our employees on assignment, which allows us to identify and address potential safety concerns before an accident happens. We complete these assessments using a process we developed called Walk/Observe/Communicate/ Challenge, where we walk through the work area, observing employees at work, communicating with them and noting if they’re wearing proper PPE.

Share Safety Expertise with Customers

Clients with questions about their own safety programs can contact us for direction. We’re glad to share what we’ve learned over these past 20 years from the range of clients we’ve worked with and situations we’ve experienced, to help organizations further reduce their risk and improve safety throughout their facilities.

In addition to connecting clients with our AdvantaStaff safety manager for questions, concerns, site audits and safety policy change recommendations, we have a corporate employee who helps guide our programs and compliance for OSHA requirements and can respond to specific situations. They are responsible for, and most knowledgeable of, OSHA safety compliance and reporting, back-to-work programs after a work-related injury, proper PPE compliance, and safety programs and incentives.

Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

A safe workplace is one where our employees feel they can work without risk to their physical and/or emotional health. The AdvantaStaff safety program provides employees with the structure and direction they need to work safely while keeping safety top of mind and remaining committed to reducing the chances of workplace accidents and injuries.

If you’re an AdvantaStaff employee, contact account manager, Rami Shabazz, or operations coordinator, Becky Hendricks, for help better understanding our safety program and your critical place in it. Clients should always feel free to reach out to our client services manager, JT Wauford, for more information about how we keep our employees safe and how that positively impacts your company’s safety program, and your bottom line.