6 Ways Technology Ensured Staffing Success During COVID

According to the American Staffing Association, in a report prepared by their partner Talent Tech Labs:

The past two decades have seen an explosion in exceptionally user-friendly consumer software, and over the past five to 10 years enterprise software has begun to look more like consumer software… offerings in the future not only will have to be tech-enabled/digital, but also will have to create a seamless and delightful experience for end users… staffing companies today should experiment with various kinds of consumer software—particularly products and services that they “love”—and see what elements might be extrapolated and then incorporated into their own recruiting processes.

This has never been truer than during the past 18 months as the COVID-19 pandemic showed us how quickly communications can get out of control if they’re not properly managed, and how critical it is to communicate with employees, potential employees, and clients in the appropriate way.

The events of the recent past also forced organizations to rethink how they deliver services. AdvantaStaff was not immune. We started having our staff work from home, rotating into the office and visiting customers as needed, taking precautions into account. At the same time, we watched a number of clients change their operating practices. Some shut down for a few days or longer to perform deep cleanings to help keep their employees, and our staff, safe.

As this began to unfold, the communicating we were doing about modifications in processes, work environments, etc. increased tremendously; we quickly realized we needed to make interactions simpler and more streamlined. Here are six changes we implemented that have improved our ability to staff open positions – all while enhancing communications with our manufacturing and light industrial clients, employees, and potential employees, in central Virginia.

  • Online interviews. We now offer the option to complete the initial staffing interview virtually over Zoom or in-person. This change means more flexible scheduling options and one less trip to the office for potential employees prior to coming in for in-person screening and training.
  • Mobile texting capabilities. We’ve begun texting individual employees and groups of individuals with real-time updates and information. Texts to individual employees can remind an employee of essential information for their first day of work, how to input their time, what to bring to a screening appointment, provide weather or COVID alerts, along with, other helpful and timely information. Texts to groups can thank employees for their hard work and remind them about our referral bonus program, while keeping past employees in-the-know about specific open positions.
  • Geotagged mobile time tracker. It’s easy for employees to download and use our app on their phones to track their hours. Time tracking is now more accurate and much less time consuming for everyone; and customers can manage time tracking themselves or we can do it for them. We even heard from a customer that they started working with us over another staffing company because of our automated time tracking system.
  • Automated Job Alerts. Potential employees can sign up for notifications based on their preferences for the types of manufacturing and light industrial jobs they’re looking for in central Virginia. Now, they’ll hear when we have jobs meeting their requirements. Instead of searching for the right job, jobs come to them.
  • Monthly emails. More frequent communications to customers, employees and prospective employees helps to provide more up-to-date information regarding AdvantaStaff operations, resources as well as current open positions. We also use these emails to spotlight Employees of the Month, and relevant community news.
  • Updated AdvantaStaff website. Our revamped site is easy to use and navigate. Prospective employees can now complete applications right online, current staff are able to access their account information through a secure portal, while AdvantaStaff clients can now use our site to access their invoices instantaneously.

These technology changes are just the start. We continue to look for ways to better connect our customers with the right candidates for their manufacturing and light industrial needs, and ways to better communicate with all of our audiences.

If you’re an AdvantaStaff client, contact our client services manager, JT Wauford,  to see how we can help fulfill your staffing needs. Current AdvantaStaff employees can contact their account managers with any questions, concerns, or feedback on your assignment, and potential employees should check out our open positions to find their perfect fit job.