Welcoming Temp Staff: Tips for Employees & Employers

When staffing to meet production goals, workload fluctuations can lead to the need for temporary employees to join a team that already has fulltime employees onsite.  When this happens, AdvantaStaff’s ability to help ensure that contingent staff will be able to adapt quickly and feel comfortable in the workplace when working with fulltime employees is not only critical to our clients, but to the wellbeing and success of the new hires.

Properly welcoming new contingent workers to a fulltime work environment is important for business goal-oriented reasons, like maintaining a positive organizational culture and high morale through assimilation, having employees work towards a common goal, and directly impacting a company’s bottom line. In addition, investing in the experience of temp to fulltime workers is also essential to having supplemental employees desire to continue their work in a fulltime position. The experience of temporary workers is a two-way street; as much as employers want to invest in their contingent staff, temporary employees want to successfully adapt to the work environment to show employers that they are the right fit for the fulltime position.

Below are tips for both temporary employees and employers which may be helpful in successfully integrating supplemental staff into an established workforce.


Tips for Temporary Employees

1. Develop New Skills

As AdvantaStaff offers many jobs that don’t require extensive experience with manufacturing equipment, showing a willingness to learn new skills required by asking questions and practicing hands-on learning during training demonstrates that you are invested in the position. Once you have mastered one new skill, reach out to supervisor to see if there is an opportunity for you to further expand your knowledge of a new piece of equipment.

2. Be Dependable and Take Initiative

Coming in to work consistently on time, reaching goals set for you, and fulfilling work obligations are just some ways to show that you are a reliable employee. Once you’ve finished your own work responsibilities, see if you can take initiative and assist coworkers. Doing this not only adds incremental value to the company and proves that you are a valuable asset to your team, but it allows you to meet and build relationships with current, fulltime staff members.

3. Communicate Effectively with a Positive Attitude

Clear, positive communication with coworkers and supervisors can be more impactful than quickly learning hard skills. Keeping supervisors updated with your work progress, sharing words of encouragement with coworkers, and maintaining an optimistic attitude helps you to forge bonds with fulltime staff members and supervisors.

Communication in the form of providing feedback about your position to your AdvantaStaff Account Manager also shows that you’re genuinely invested in seeing the position improve or demonstrates interest in wanting to further your current role. Plus, don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help – whether it be to a supervisor, coworker, or an account manager.


Tips for Employers

1. Set Them Up for Success

When conducting an orientation for new contingent hires, try to make it as similar as the orientation for fulltime staff, and if possible, orient fulltime and temporary staff together. During this orientation, don’t just go over job-specific tasks, but incorporate training related to the social aspects of your corporation to show new hires that you see them as a contributing force to the culture of your organization.

Being ready for your new staff members is also key; make sure their workspace is fully set up before they arrive and have a staff member meet them upon arrival to introduce them to everyone on their team. At AdvantaStaff, we pair new employees up with an account manager to provide information about assignments and their first day, meet them the first morning, and introduce them to their supervisor. Plus, by providing site orientation and hands-on first day training, we help to foster a strong team that lets temp employees be confident in the understanding of their role.

2. Provide Mentorship

Even if no formal mentorship program is set up between long term staff members and temp employees, encourage buddy systems between fulltime staff and contingent employees to show them the ropes, help them out, and check in with them on a consistent basis. Managers should look out for supplemental employees to make sure that they are experiencing a positive company culture from other fulltime employees, acting immediately if any negative actions are perceived.

3. Immerse Contingent Employees into Company Culture

Encouraging camaraderie that includes all fulltime and supplemental staff members can help temp staff feel connected to the company culture. This can be achieved by involving supplemental staff in the same team building activities, company perks, and rewards as fulltime employees. At AdvantaStaff, we recognize our employees by praising those who exhibit hard work and distributing “employee of the month” awards.

4. Feedback and Follow Up

Provide consistent check-ins with each supplemental employee, along with performance reviews, surveys, feedback discussions, and opportunities for temp staff to provide feedback about their role. Also, discuss opportunities for progression and next steps with the company, or other job opportunities that are available at the end of their employment. AdvantaStaff employees are paired with account managers that act as a sounding board for feedback from employees and provide performance reviews on a periodic basis.


If you’re an incoming temporary employee, knowing tips to set you up for success will help you demonstrate to employers that you are ready to move to a fulltime position, help you feel more confident in the workplace, and more comfortable around your coworkers. If you’re an employer, investing in and supporting contingent employees is essential to not only improve organizational culture and impact bottom line, but foster relationships that will encourage employees to continue their work in a fulltime position.

At AdvantaStaff, we’re dedicated to setting up our employees for success before their job even starts. If you’re just now learning about AdvantaStaff and are looking for job opportunities, contact our operations coordinator, Becky Hendricks. If you are an organization looking to hire temporary or fulltime staff, contact our client services manager, JT Wauford.