Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of employment opportunities does AdvantaStaff offer?

AdvantaStaff provides manufacturing, distribution and light industrial employment, including Short and Long-Term Temporary, Temp to Full Time, and Direct to Full Time positions with companies that range from a small, local operations to Fortune 500 companies located within Central Virginia, servicing the cities of Richmond, Petersburg and Colonial Heights as well as Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and Prince George counties. Search for a Job Now

How is AdvantaStaff different than other staffing agencies?

For employees, we offer distinctive benefits you won’t find at other agencies that offer short-term positions, but we provide so much more. We’re focused on opportunities and advancement in a way that drives careers, no matter what role you have, or how long each assignment might be. That means training, raises, performance reviews, and ongoing discussion about your goals and the path to achieve them.

What do I need to apply for jobs? Do I need a resume?

You can apply for all positions online, and you’ll need an email address. There is an option to upload your resume, but one is not required for the application. We do ask for relevant skills, so it’s a good idea to think about those in advance, so we can understand the full range of your abilities and get the best fit for you.

What happens after I apply for a job?

AdvantaStaff will contact you for an interview to get more information about your experience, skills, and attitude toward work. We’ll also help determine whether you need additional skills training for the position. A good majority of jobs require passing a drug test and criminal background check, so you’ll be instructed about the steps necessary to complete those. If you’re hired for the position, you’ll receive first-day training so you know what to expect at the workplace, so you can be prepped from day one.

Are there fewer job postings now because of COVID-19?

It’s the opposite, actually. All of our employer companies are looking to fill positions, and the wages are robust, with opportunities for raises and advancement. Plus, many experts believe that manufacturing will increasingly move back to the U.S., and we’re already seeing the results of that surge. Take a look at our online postings and you’ll find a breadth of positions geared toward your skills.

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