Maintaining Employee Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Our employees’ safety is at the core of everything we do. With more than 20 years in light industrial recruitment, the safety programs and structures we’ve developed help ensure the safety of our employees, while demonstrating to clients the role our employees play in the safety of their facility and the responsibility they (clients) have to maintain the same level of safety for our employees as they do for their own employees. Three pillars hold up the AdvantaStaff safety philosophy: People are our most important resource. Every employee is entitled to a safe place in which to work. No job

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Staffing to Meet Emergency Needs

Client This large packaged food manufacturer operates 24/7 and employs hundreds from the Richmond metro area. Location Central Virginia “AdvantaStaff knew exactly what to do. They got us the people we needed almost as soon as we asked, saving us from a significant loss of product and impact to our bottom line.” The Challenge The client learned that a significant amount of inventory packaged by an outside vendor might have been compromised. With expiration dates to be considered, time was of the essence to ensure inventory didn’t linger on pallets at the warehouse. To avoid a large loss of product

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Praise and Recognition: Easy, Inexpensive, Effective Ways to Motivate Employees

Traditional employee reviews fill an important function. But, particularly with a temporary or evolving workforce, regularly recognizing and motivating good work can be essential ― and sometimes, it can be pretty simple. At AvantaStaff, we’ve seen that taking 10 seconds to point out someone’s effort or accomplishment can have a huge ripple effect. And in a year that’s tested all of us, the positive energy this can generate has never been more important, for the employee and for you, too. A Gallup study found that employers are missing out on this “low cost, high impact” way to connect with and

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Long-Standing Workforce Partnership Delivers Results

Client As the only North American facility producing current products for this international goods manufacturer, their Central Virginia operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the nature of what they manufacture, they follow strict FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Location Central Virginia “Our relationship with AdvantaStaff has produced countless benefits over our more than 10 years together. They’ve consistently managed our fluctuating workforce needs with quality, trained employees and administrative services that allow us to focus on delivering a quality product.” – Chief Operations Officer The Challenge Over the past 30 years, full-time headcount

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Make a great first impression at your new job

The old cliché, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” really applies in a work environment. That first day can set the tone for how you’re seen throughout an assignment. Every job you take differs in some way from those that came before it, even if you think it’ll be the same. So, whether this is your first AdvantaStaff assignment or your fifteenth, there are a few things to do and remember, that can put you, and keep you, on the path to success. The Day Before Read the company and assignment information from your AdvantaStaff

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training an employee

A Focus on Training Reduces Turnover, Boosts Productivity

We train employees for Day One and beyond, so you don’t have to… Think about your focus for the next few months. It’s probably on maintaining production levels as you recover from COVID-related employee absences and maneuver (expected and unexpected) workload fluctuations. Whether you’re bringing on 15 employees or need just one to cover gaps and meet production goals, how are you making sure they’re right for the job and ready to get started Day 1? Will you rely on your current team? How many people will it take? Can you take them away from their daily activities to do

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manufacturing job

Managing Staffing with Fluctuating Labor Needs

A staffing partnership that delivers consistency and cost controls. Client Established in 1975, this central Virginia-based manufacturing company is a production resource providing packaging and ancillary services for emerging and established companies. Location Central Virginia “AdvantaStaff’s ability to bring on the right people when we need them, coupled with their understanding of how our business operates, greatly improves our production cycles and margins.” – Chief Operations Officer The Challenge  Like many in manufacturing, the company needs to respond effectively to changes in production volume as demand for services fluctuates significantly and is labor intensive. As a result, it is reluctant

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manager working in warehouse

Safely hiring temporary staff during COVID

“During one of the worst crises ever to face our country, staffing agencies are playing a vital role in helping to ensure the flow of essential goods and services the American people need to weather the storm.” Richard Wahlquist, president and CEO of the American Staffing Association (ASA), of which we are a member, made this comment at the end of March. Heading toward Winter 2020, the pandemic shows no signs of decreasing. Since September, indicators tracking COVID virus circulation and associated illnesses have been increasing nationally. As the number of people developing COVID increases so does the number of

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